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About Cyrus

Cyrus, which means “The Sun” in Persian language, holds the founding philosophy of Cyrus Remedies. As Sun brings the ray of hope, ray of energy & ray of happiness to everyone, at every morning without any discrimination likewise Cyrus remedies believes everyone has the right to access world-class medicine irrespective of socio-economic class.

At Cyrus, we are group of likeminded young energetic people working together to change the current distribution of world-class medicine and making it accessible to everyone. We are on a mission to bring ray of hope to everyone.

The foundation of Cyrus Remedies builds on 4 P’s

Mr. Pulak Mukherjee

Whole-Time Director

Mr. Pulak Mukherjee joins Cyrus Remedies with a huge experience of 42 years in Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing. He has the first-hand knowledge of launching a company and making it No. 1 Company in the pharmaceutical market of India. Mr. Mukherjee is one of major player in setting up the concept of specialty marketing. His forte is the Customer Relationship Marketing. He is known for this never die attitude. Mr. Mukherjee is a very popular name amongst almost all Neurologists & Psychiatrists.

Mr. Mehul Shah

Whole-Time Director

Mr. Mehul Shah is the founder of Precise Group with the experience of 23 years. He started the company from scratch and now has 5 manufacturing plants in India. Identifying new and niche molecules and introducing them for the first time in India has been his forte along with client relationship.

Mr. Anish Mukherjee

Whole-Time Director

Mr. Mukherjee has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (Hons in Accountancy). He has an experience of 15 years in the marketing and sales. He has first-hand working experience in Multinational and National Pharmaceutical companies of repute. Dermatology marketing is his strong point.

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